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Konveyo connects people to packages and parcels heading the same way as their destination.

The smartest way to make money while moving around.

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 By Signing up as a freelancer, thousands of people get to work from home, do multiple jobs for different clients all over the globe and make very good money.

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Make extra money as you move around. Are you a frequent traveler? looking for way make extra money on your trip? Become a Konveyo. You dont need a car to be a Konveyo. Every Traveler is a Konveyo

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Are you a Small Business Owner? Great opportunity to grow your business reach. Partner with us, leave your deliveries to Konveyo while you focus on other aspect of building your business.


As a individual, you can make money through konveyo by deliverying small parcels within your community. Get yourself a job, start working for yourself.

Become a Freelancer

Register a freelancer, make money by selling your digital skills. Grow your customer base with Konveyo Freelance service, work with anyone from anywhere at anytime.

Package restrictions
Esure your package is under 30 pounds, under $100 in value, securely sealed, and not a prohibited item (such as alcohol, medication, recreational drugs, and dangerous or illegal items)

Guaranteed to make $1500 a month when you become a konveyo

As a Konveyo, you can make average of $10 to $20 per delivery. You can make money as you move around within your community. Earn as much as $300 weekly after 20 trips.

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Things you can send through a Konveyo

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