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Sales Tax in United States

Due to changes in US tax laws, if you’re a service Buyer located in United States, you might need to pay state Sales Tax for services purchased via Konveyo platform. If you are located in the US, your ZIP might also be required. This tax is applied only in certain states in the US: Alabama …

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How do i view my account balance

To view your account balance, nagivate to the side bar and click on wallet. Available balance on wallet shows Konveyo account balance

Why was i charged multiple times

Konveyo could be charged numerous times for various reasons. It could be that your card pre-authorized a transaction, once the charge goes through, payment is processed. Also, konveyo could be charged multiple times due to bank network issues.

Why is my payment not going through or failing?

There are numerous reasons why an installment will come up short. We prescribe checking the following: Did you input your card data accurately? Is your card right now valid? Did you contact your bank to verify if they are having a network challenge?