The cheapest way to ship to Nigeria

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria

A 2018 UNCTAD report shows that Nigeria is the largest eCommerce market in Africa for total buyers per capita and income. If you want to broaden your eCommerce business, Nigeria could be an excellent market to tap into.

What’s the cheapest way to ship to Nigeria?

Finding the cheapest shipping rates is the first step to shipping to Nigeria successfully. But then, the cheapest way to ship to Nigeria is not often conspicuous. Finding a courier that is both affordable and reliable is critical as fulfillment can be sometimes spotty.

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At Konveyo, we aim to simplify shipping for both individuals and businesses to all countries. That’s why we offer instant access to the cheapest shipping rates in Nigeria.

So whether you want to send a package to your loved ones back home or you run an eCommerce business, and you’re looking to save on your shipping and increase your margins, read on. This article will tell you everything you need to know about shipping to Nigeria- the biggest eCommerce market in Africa.

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The Basics of Shipping to Nigeria

Several variables affect the cheapest shipping method in Nigeria;

  • The Distance
  • The Delivery timeline
  • The Package weight & dimensions
  • Available Insurance & tracking options
  • Import duties & taxes if appropriate

Let’s have a look at each of these variables. We’ll be showing you the cheapest rates for shipping to Nigeria.

How Long Does Shipping to Nigeria Take?

Getting your products to consumers when they need them is critical to the success of your eCommerce business. So the first variable you should look out for in cheap shipping is transit time. Remember, the farther away your location is from Nigeria, the longer it will take to ship your items down.

Also, delivery time depends on the choice of your shipping company and the available delivery options from the shipping company. Economic shipping to Nigeria can take up to 12 business days, depending on the courier you choose. However, express shipping is available in 1-2 business days.

Check out the screenshot below for the delivery times from the US to Nigeria for a 2lb package Using  Rate Calculator.

cheapest way to ship to nigeria

cheapest way to ship to nigeria

The cheapest option for shipping to Nigeria is USPS First Class International takes 10-12 business days with less than $ 25. If you want it faster, DHL eCommerce package priority can get your package to Nigeria in 8-10 business days. However, the fastest option is DHL Express Worldwide that will cost you more than $ 80 but gets your package there in 1-2 days.

To be clear, cheap shipping rates always take longer to arrive than fast shipping. This applies regardless of the courier option and the destination of the package. However, if you are willing to extend the delivery time, you can get the cheapest prices for shipping to Nigeria.

What Does it Cost to Ship to Nigeria?

Along with delivery time and distance, shipping costs to Nigeria are affected by certain physical aspects of your package, such as:

  • Weight – Heavier packages cost more. To reduce shipping costs, remove any superficial packaging materials.
  • Dimensions: Irregularly sized or shaped packages cost more to ship because they require special attention in packaging. If possible, use regular size boxes to keep shipping costs low.

We again used a free Shipping Billing Calculator to find the cheapest shipping to Nigeria. The following rates ​​apply to a 20lb package instead of a 2lb package.

cheapest way to ship to Nigeria

Changing the weight of the 2lb package up to 20 lbs increased the cheapest shipping price by more than $80.

Also, notice the cheapest courier option changed from USPS to APC. This change illustrates a valuable truth about cross-border shipping: the cheapest courier option changes depending on the package dimension and weight. So always check other couriers to help you leverage the best deals.

Additionally, it’s helpful to use a shipping rate calculator to find the best deals for your particular package. If you presumed it, you could be paying too much.

Cross Border Shipping Factors That Impact Cost

The thing is, every time you ship to another country, your shipments are subject to additional charges and restrictions (we’ll talk about them soon). So if you are not already living in Nigeria, you will want to consider the extra cost of global shipping. The following two factors will impact the cost of your shipping;

Customs Duties and Taxes in Nigeria

All countries, including Nigeria, calculate import duties and taxes on incoming shipments. However, not all items are subject to import charges. You can use a Free Duty and Tax Calculator to determine the fees you will pay.

The screenshot below shows the duties and taxes owed on a $120 laptop imported into Nigeria from the US using Easyship Duty and Tax Calculator.

Duties and tax shipping to Nigeria from US

You will also be required to fill out customs declaration forms to help customs officials certify whether you’ll pay a duty fee.

Restricted Or Prohibited Items in Nigeria

There is a list of items by the customs office of Nigeria restricted or prohibited from entry. Before shipping anything to Nigeria or any other country, it is vital to know these things. If your package contains any of these prohibited items, it will be detained indefinitely.

Kindly note that this list is updated periodically. To be sure, always check the customs official website before sending your shipments.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria: Your Courier Options.

The cheapest way to ship to Nigeria will involve a courier that offers the best rates for your package.

Right now, every major US courier ships to Nigeria. So can expect both reliable and affordable shipping rates from your trusted domestic couriers. There are also other regional and global couriers available such as APC mentioned earlier.

If you intend to use a US-based courier, you can contact them via their websites. Here are some options and the delivery timelines.

7 Tips For Cheap Shipping to Nigeria

If you are shipping personal items to loved ones, cheap rates may easily be the important criteria for picking a courier. That’s understandable. But if you run an eCommerce business, successful shipping means more, and rightly so. For one thing, you’ve got your customers to consider while picking the best shipping solution.

So here are 7 pointers to ensure you ship to Nigeria cheaply, smoothly, and efficiently:

  • Be sure to notify your courier of any fragile items before shipping. This may affect your shipping costs, but the extra payment is better than items arriving damaged at the customer’s door.
  • It’s best to offer customers a selection of varying shipping options at the checkout. In this way, buyers can choose whether to pay more for faster delivery or insurance or if they prefer to save money.
  • Always enter the exact weight of your shipments into your customs forms. Failing to do this could lead to customs detaining your items until you pay the difference.
  • Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are not satisfied with the delivery for whatever reason.
  • To make sure your packages arrive, read the customs requirements before shipping.
  • Take your time to research prices and shipping times between couriers to find the best rate for you and your customers.
  • Do well to check customs and taxes in Nigeria to determine the total shipping cost for both you and your customers. This allows you to offer flexible and cost-effective shipping options that won’t scare off potential customers.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria with Konveyo

Like we mentioned, the cheapest way to ship to Nigeria isn’t always obvious. The truth is, the couriers may quote you one price but add extra charges like packaging, location fees, fuel surcharges, dimensional weight fees that you didn’t foresee. It feels worse if the package is below $100 and under 30lbs.

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Whether you are sending a package to your loved ones, own an eCommerce business, or operate a global brand, Konveyo works to make sure your shipping to Nigeria is done faster and conveniently. There is always a Konveyo heading in the direction of your item and waiting for your delivery instructions.

You can Ship to Nigeria from as low as $10 and remove the cost and hassle of packing shipments. Send a package today with Konveyo.

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