Package Delivery During COVID-19: The Easy Konveyo Plan

COVID-19 package delivery

This time last year, we had no idea how much life as we knew it was about to change. The emergence of the COVID-19 virus brought about the need for a worldwide lockdown. Meanwhile, we were expecting to stay home only for a few days and resume our daily activities like before.

Well that was not the case. It’s been a year now and the world has seen 116,135,492 confirmed cases of the virus in 223 countries since March 2020. We have gone through series of lockdowns, various internet challenges and trends. But most importantly, a surge in demand for package delivery services.

‘I mean, what do you do when you’re stuck at home with the threat of a deadly

virus looming above and nothing else to do? You buy stuff.’

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the world has started getting used to its presence. Restriction of movement in most countries have lifted. But we now have to follow particular health rules. We’ve also gotten used to sending packages over. If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that you don’t always have to be there in person.
Also, delivery service companies have had to come out of near obscurity. The pandemic has thrust them into a full-blown demanding market.

At this point, they are almost regarded as essential workers. The demand for food, and other items have reached an all-time high.

There is a serious need for an intervention in delivery services. All over the world. That is where the Konveyo Plan comes in. But, to provide solutions, we need to first understand the issues. In this article, we will run through the following,

  • Increase in Food and Package Delivery Usage due to COVID-19
  • Increase in Delivery services Usage in European Countries
  • Safety concerns of Deliveries in COVID-19
  • Impact of frequent Delivery services Usage on Spending Habit
  • The Konveyo Plan

It has not been easy on companies offering delivery services in this pandemic. They have practically saved lives but, it doesn’t look like they’d be off the hook anytime soon. Demand is growing and they need to be met.

Let’s start from the beginning.


Increase in Food and Package Delivery due to COVID-19

Food delivery

According to data sourced from Apptopia, a private research organization that analyzes various app technologies, the number of delivery app downloads in 2020 was a record number. Their data report shows that by March, downloads for all buying and delivery apps hit top numbers. This is in stark contrast to the regular daily downloads of previous months.

A quick trip to Google Trends shows that restaurants with delivery options have had quite a year. They got so busy and those who did not offer the option earlier have had to also make the switch.

The impact of COVID-19 on demand and supply of various goods around the world is quite huge. But the demand for food and groceries especially, have been enormous. According to data analyst and researcher, Daniela Copolla as published on Statista,

“As a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the average number of monthly orders made by grocery delivery and pickup customers in the United States increased by 19 percent to 1.2 orders in March 2020, up from 1 order in August 2019. Usage grew by another 58.33 percent from March to June before declining almost 16 percent in August.”

This explains that grocery delivery to individuals in the USA were not in high demand as of the later half of 2020. People were choosing to dine-in and also preferred takeout. The demand for their services spiked in March 2020 when the virus began evolving into a pandemic.

As the table below shows, demand for them increased in the coming months and was highest in June 2020. That was when the virus passed peak levels and lockdown began to ease in the USA.

Frequency of USA deliveries


Even with freedom of movement put back in place around the world, the need for them only reduced by a few. This might be due to most restaurants and supermarkets not being open for walk-ins. The few open for walk-ins still have a particular amount of customers allowed to be in place at the same time.

It all goes to say that it is more advisable for us to keep engaging the services of delivery companies. They are solving an important issue and thus, user growth levels will continue to spike.


Delivery services in Europe during COVID-19

In Europe, the total amount of confirmed cases of the virus as researched by the WHO is 39,811,914. So, the region is one of the strictest with laid down COVID-19 rules. A lot of European countries are not out of the woods yet. Countries like the United Kingdom have been drifting in and out of the lockdown. Recently, the country went on a Tier 10 lockdown which means zero movement on the streets.

It is quite obvious that a region like this will have no choice but to rely a lot on delivery services. In June 2020, a survey of 807 respondents in selected European countries took place. The survey was for measuring the restaurant delivery usage of citizens . The countries included the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, UK, France, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. The ages of respondents stemmed from 18 and above. It revealed that a very a lot of people intend to continue using delivery services in the future.


But how safe is delivery during COVID-19?

The WHO and CDC have advised us to practice social distancing. Recommended safety practices have also been put in place.

COVID-19 dos and donts

The infographic above shows how to manage living during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we all know, it is easy to lay down rules but quite tough to have a world population of 7 billion people follow it.

Some delivery workers are going against social distancing advices to work every day. What chance do we stand against the virus then?

WebMD answers this for us in an article. As we all know, delivery company workers since 2020 have encountered a lot of orders. According to reporter, Debbie Koenig, this has affected their ability to stay safe. It has not been easy to follow the safety protocols. COVID prevention does not stop at only wearing masks and gloves.

‘Infact, like health workers, they are very much at risk of contracting the virus while at work.’

The WHO has stated that we are unlikely to contract the virus from exposed packages and surfaces. But also, COVID-19 can always spread through lack of simple health practices.

Amazon subcontractors have also spoken to Reuters. They state that vans and bins aren’t always sanitized between shifts. They aren’t provided with personal protective gear. Sometimes, they don’t even have hand sanitizers.

All these are mandatory but most companies are not meeting the standard. To be candid, these things are quite expensive to get in large quantities. In March 2020, at least 9 Amazon warehouse workers tested positive. This was in the beginning of the pandemic. In a written statement rolled out by Amazon, the company claims to be giving workers as much support as they can.

“We are supporting the individuals, following guidelines from local officials, and are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of all the employees at our sites.”

As stated earlier, limiting physical contact is important to stay safe in this COVID-19 era. This is quite tough on workers of big delivery companies.

They are always at risk of meeting package recipients. Now, when the worker is not staying safe, how is the recipient’s safety guaranteed?


Impact of Delivery Services Usage on Spending Habit

With the rise in usage of delivery services, an increase in spending habits is bound to happen. Deliveries are not free. First world countries are used to it. They have been engaging delivery services since forever. But then, we can’t say the same for third world and African countries. In poorer parts of Africa, delivery services are still considered a luxury. In Nigeria, the 2018 poverty capital of the world, deliveries are quite expensive. The delivery companies charge as high as 2000 naira ($5.25) for a single delivery. For a country with 30,000 naira ($75) living wage, it is a lot for majority of its citizens.

According to Google Trends, the state of Lagos has the highest searches for “delivery man”. The search level for delivery companies sky rocketed by March 2020. As seen below, there was hardly any input of those two words in the search bar before the pandemic. Searches have lessened. People already know the few delivery companies that exist. Still, there is a serious need for more and affordable delivery services in Lagos state.

                                                                                                                     Via Google Trends


The effects of COVID-19 on consumer spending habit in the USA by March 2020 was very obvious. It is also worthy of note that the price of food items rose due to the panic buying that ensued. Research analyst, Emma Bedford carried out a survey on this topic. Results showed that a lot of people didn’t expect to spend more during the pandemic on delivery services.

“Only 17 percent of consumers in the USA expected their spending habits to increase. The larger 61 percent did not expect their spending behavior on such services to change.”

The survey which included 1,986 registered voters aged 18 years and older, ran from March 1st till March 16. But in the following months, as showed by the many lockdowns and lack of dine-in options, we have spent more on them. The pandemic proved these respondents wrong. Covid-19 has increased spending habits and to be frank, it did not have to be so.


So, what is The Konveyo Plan and how does it help package delivery in this pandemic?


The Konveyo plan is simple, actually.

With the introduction of the covid vaccine worldwide, we won’t remain like this for long. But, we have all grown accustomed to the ease that is delivery service.

‘So, what do we need?’

We need something that is cheaper, cost effective, faster and user friendly. We need a saviour in this pandemic. To manage the high demand for delivery services, we need something innovative. A product that is always available. Something to reduce physical contact. We need Konveyo.

It is a platform for freelancers and anybody looking to make money online. Konveyo makes package delivery a breeze. All you need to do is input what you want to send into the app and where you want it sent to. Next, you leave it to Konveyo to connect you to somebody going that way. Interesting, right?

It is the smartest way to earn more while moving around. It also gives you a chance to use the excess space in your car or vehicle for something worthwhile. Say no to late deliveries, exorbitant charges from big companies and unemployment. Say yes to Konveyo.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your Konveyo not following COVID safety protocols. About that, you get to talk to them with our messaging feature. You both get to discuss what works for you and also prices. Sanitizers and face masks are now part of our everyday outfit and your Konveyo is sure to always be in possession. If you also don’t want to meet them, that’s fine. It works. All you have to do is set up a pickup point and leave the package for your Konveyo to find.

To be honest, package delivery has never been so fascinating.

It is a breath of fresh air that promises a seamless experience to its users. The summary of it all is that with Konveyo, you’re doing things as you want. The ball is always in your court either as a sender or a freelancer. We have a few values we work towards and one of them is “On your own terms”. The world is your oyster and Konveyo is the sword you can use to open it!

We are here for you and you can always check here to find out more about delivering with us. Don’t be shy. Get with the Konveyo Plan