Sustainability for Konveyo

Sustainability is among our core values, by using technology to connect senders of parcels and packages with daily commuters and travelers heading the same way as the package, our goal is to minimize the impact of carbon foot print, connecting people and creating jobs.

Konveyo sustainability initiative

Environment; as we experience the rise of global warming, it has become significant to optimize human mobility by using every day people heading the same way as a parcel to deliver a package. Many cars driven empty as people move around, that creates negative impact on the environment.

Connecting People: Our goal is to connect travelers and strangers to local communities, a konveyo delivering a message to a local at his/her destination is likely to become an acquaintance. Community building and strengthen human relationships are among our core priorities. Every konveyo is a step away from becoming a friend.

Emissions from 10,000 cars is equivalent to planting 60,499 acres of U.S forests in a year according to EPA.

Konveyo’s mission is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint and global warming impact on our environment by optimizing human mobility. Through utilization of passengers as a ‘konveyo’ we will save emission from 100, 000 cars; This is equivalent to

Planting — million trees in a year. 

19,694,903 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled

 157,439 Tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

45,468,527 gallons of diesel consumed.

The smartest way to move around is by optimizing human mobility through the utilization of every traveler and passenger as a conveyor of message. This will reduce the impact of global warming while increasing speed of delivery and lower cost.


Sustainability Partners : If sustainability is the way you do business, help us eliminate carbon emissions from our highways, reduce physical waste from our landfills, and improve the lives of truck drivers

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