Using daily travelers heading the same way as your package is a great idea that will save time, money and convinient for you. Just bought electronics froma store? use a konveyo. Are you trying to get furnitures delivered to your home wth a pick up? Call a konveyo. What about the groceries you need for the family? A konveyo will help with that too. With Commitment to Konveyo will help reduce carbon footprint .

Negotiate Price

Courier companies charges alot of money, you do not get to negotiate. With Konveyo Platform, you can negotiate the price for sending a parcel.

Convenient and Fast

A konveyo heading the same way as your parcel will get it tehre for you faster. When you are trying to send personal items to family and friends, a konveyo is the best choice.

Pick and Delivery

From your comfort zone, request for a Konveyo within your community and neighbourhood. Door to door delivery provides the opportunity to get your items delivered fast.

Find a traveler to deliver your item

You can easily find a konveyo traveling from one state to another to help you bring your purchased items home.

Support Initiatiave to reduce carbon emission

Supporting the global initiatibe to reduce carbon footprint is a duty to mother earth. Everything you use a konveyo heading the same way as your parcel, you reduce carbon footprint.


You can switch sides on Konveyo platform. When you are not sending parcels, you can become a konveyo and earn extra money money to support the family. This is the smartest way to make money while moving around.

Konveyo delivery by traveler

Frequently asked questions

A konveyo traveling via airplane will carry maximum of 15kg of extra luggage. However, a konveyo using Pickup or van will be able to do large sum delivery.

Konveyo provides you the opportunity to make extra money daily. Aside Money, Your freedom is very important. Choose when to work, Where  and when to work at your convinence.  it can be part time gig or full time gig.

After registering a Konveyo, Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you are qualified to become a Konveyo. When that is completed, you will be given access to the platfom.

You dont need to have a car to become a konveyo. As long as you are moving from point A to B, you can deliver parcel and packages heading your way. With Konveyo, you get to negotiate your price with Parcel senders.

As a konveyo, you help reduce carbon footprint by delivering parcels heading your way.


No, to become a Konveyo, You need valid vehicle license, driver license if you are using a vehicle. If you are a regular traveller through airplanes, your identity is required to ensure safety and protection for both sender and Traveller.

To start making money as a Konveyo, all you need is a smartphone. Download the Konveyo app from playstore or Apple store depending on the type of phone you are using.

This is the beauty of using konveyo service. Unlike courier companies that send expensive bills your way. With Konveyo, you can negotiate.

Anyonewith valid form of identity, no criminal record. Anyone seeking for extra means of income while reducing carbon footprint.  From Taxi drivers to professionals in any industry.