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E-Commerce Same-Day Delivery: 10 Important Ways To Prepare Your Business

We now live in an age where the Internet or e-commerce industry has evolved to a point where online shoppers can order and receive packages the same day, what we know as same-day delivery.

The truth is, whether your business is ready or not, same-day delivery is here to stay!

For one thing, consumers have become increasingly demanding in recent years. For the sake of convenience, online shoppers prefer to get your products delivered to them as soon as possible. About 56 percent of Millennials expect retailers to offer same-day delivery.

Now the big question, is your business ready? We will take a closer look at why same-day delivery is important and how to prepare your business for this new reality.

Why is same-day delivery important to your e-Commerce business?

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There are figures to show why online retailers should give fast delivery some thought. And these stats do not lie. 

First, tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z have embraced same-day delivery, and as they come of age, their purchasing power and influence on e-commerce will only increase.

A study from Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates shows 64 percent of Millennials are more likely to buy from businesses that offer same-day deliveries for their orders. And then another consumer group- parents, regardless of age, have also embraced expedited shipping and delivery, with 63 percent of them saying that same-day delivery is much more likely to influence them into buying.

There is more. Exactly 49 percent of regular shoppers say they are more likely to shop online when same-day delivery is available. And interestingly, 25 percent of online shoppers would abandon their cart if same-day shipping was not available.

You see, it is sensible to say consumers have come to embrace fast delivery if not demand it. That being the case, is your business ready to integrate same-day delivery? Let’s delve into how you can prepare your business for this.

How to Prepare for Same Day Shipping and Same Day Delivery

In a perfect world, products will be sold and shipped as soon as the factory is cleared to maximize profits. However, it is difficult to achieve this realistically, but there are some approaches you can use to modify your supply chain to meet the demand for same-day shipping. Now let’s take a look at a few ideas on how to apply it.

1. Test your website

You don’t want to leave customers stranded, so make sure to test your website to check if everything is working efficiently. Optimize your website for mobile users. Also, ensure the site’s loading time is fast, products are correctly listed, and checkout works smoothly.  

2. Have enough staff

Same-day delivery comes with its complexities. To effectively handle the hassle, you need an adequate number of employees to handle fulfillment, shipping, and delivery. 

3. Follow the trends 

Always take out time to study trends from previous years’ sales as consumers’ buying habits changes from time to time. Ask probing questions such as: What were the buying habits of the people over the past year? Did most of them wait until December to do their shopping? What categories had the highest orders? What shipping options did consumers prefer? Taking a look at all this data and more can help you prepare for the future!

4. Have enough inventory on hand

Be a step ahead of the competition by anticipating customers’ demands. To get the most out of fast shipping and delivery, make sure you have enough of the latest in-demand products and try to forecast the coming months as accurately as possible. The better you understand the market, the easier it is to offer fast shipping and delivery.

5. Embrace modern technology

Make your work easier by embracing technology. A System capable of syncing across multiple systems is required to carry out order fulfillment for your e-commerce business. These systems allow you to automate order tracking and real-time analysis of all systems at any time eliminating unnecessary delays and errors during shipping and delivery. For example, TradeGecko is an efficient tool for inventory management, while ChannelAdvisor is another tool that can be useful for automation and data analysis.

6. Find a reliable courier

Picking the wrong courier can be a costly mistake for your business. When making this decision, do well to look at other factors besides cost. Are they reliable? Compare courier services to find the one that works best for your business’s fast shipping and delivery needs. 

7. Keep your internal process simple

No one likes it when they are stressed. A customer can abandon an order if they experience any form of complication. And you do not need to complicate things for you and your staff to make your shipping process and fulfilling orders much faster and easier. So check out the top day-to-day tasks to see how the process can be simplified and made more efficient. 

8. Keep items neat

A dirty warehouse can slow down the same-day shipping and delivery process. By implementing inventory management methods like placement, improving inventory turnover, and adopting efficiency, you can manage inventory effectively. So keep the warehouse clean, efficient, and tidy effectively. The result? You will see fulfillment, shipping, and delivery tasks will be much smoother overall.

9. Communicate quickly and efficiently

Whether you are dropshipping or own your warehouse, it is critical to maintaining good communication with your couriers, staff, and partners. For dropshipping, make sure the vendor can contact you within seconds and that they can start processing orders as soon as possible.

10. Make connections

It is a good move to approach and bring trusted couriers, fulfillment partners, and others on board to make your life a lot easier. With the right partners you can count on, you can achieve fast shipping and fast delivery goals.

Same-day shipping and same-day delivery: The Konveyo Plan to Get your business ready today!


As you already know by now, fast shipping and fast delivery are trends that are rapidly taking over the world of e-commerce. With same-day shipping and same-day delivery, your business can gain a competitive edge, increase sales, and provide a better customer experience. 

But here is the thing, while you should always take precautions to make the same-day packaging, shipping, and delivery as efficient and convenient as possible, you also need something affordable for your customers. Konveyo can fit in your already working omnichannel fulfillment system to provide seamless e-commerce solutions.

At Konveyo, we simply utilize free spaces in vehicles heading in the same direction as your packages. This means lower e-commerce delivery charges than most regular services and better margins. Konveyo’s geographic radius is unbonded. Your business can utilize Konveyo’s ever-dynamic fleet to achieve same-day delivery today!

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