How to hire top freelance writers for your contents business

5 Ways to hire top Freelance Writers for your Content Business

Finding the right people to create compelling content for your content business can be difficult. We have put together some popular and not-so-popular resources to help you find top freelance writers that will help you build your brand.

When it comes to building any content empire, delegation is critical. However, copywriting is not something you want to outsource to anybody just because their schedule is open. 

Before you jump into the water, you would need to know what kind of freelance writer your business needs. For example, do you expect someone to write only one or two articles a week, or do you need someone who provides multiple deliverables like press releases, blog posts, ad copy, and creative Instagram captions? Also, would you rather pay per word or hour? Is it a long-term gig, or do you need help for a few weeks? 

When you have the answers to these questions in advance, you will be ready to approach your search with confidence. And also, convey to freelance writers that you respect their time and know-how. 

However, we need to highlight this vital point. When it comes to paying per hour or per word, there is a tiny conflict of interest. Some freelance writers prefer to be paid per hour to account for the time spent on research and editing, while some content-smart business owners want to pay per word since that is the only way they know they are paying for the time spent on the final product. 

Once you know what you are hiring for, you are ready to start looking for a freelance writer. We have put together some well-known and lesser-known resources so you can find the perfect freelance writer for your content business.


You may not believe it, but the truth is Twitter is a hub for freelancers to connect, exchange tips, and look for new opportunities. Almost every professional writer has built a platform there. It is common on Twitter to post their bylines in their bios and retweet their work. If you are in search of serious talents, Twitter is a decent place to search. You can start by looking at hashtags like #freelancewriter and #copywriter, or look up their followers of some respectable writers you admire and the accounts they follow for similar connections. Tip: most of the time, writers follow other writers. 

Another option is to tweet a summary of the job. Most freelance writers subscribe to newsletters that collect gigs posted on social media, which is another way of finding a job. Just make sure to give people a way to communicate with you.

2|Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms allow you to search for unlimited talents. A good number of them can save you much time as they let you post a job for writers to submit bids. Platforms like Upwork, Konveyo, or Fiverr provide considerable resources for content companies searching for top talented content writers.  

However, you will need to be cautious. Be sure to pay attention to the qualifications of the freelancers. Because these platforms are breeding places for many aspiring writers believing that they can make money quickly and easily without the experience and skills needed to help you and your brand. If the freelancer’s rate seems too good to be true, that is a red flag.

3|Direct access

How to hire freelance writers

Sometimes freelancers face torrid times. They can experience periods when they find it difficult to find gigs. So, many writers are always too open to new gigs. You can reach out directly to the author of any article you enjoyed reading on a platform like Medium or any other website for independent contributors. Ask about their bandwidth while providing details about your project upfront. Provide information like; how much time they can expect to spend writing and editing for you each week, how much you intend to pay, if there is a platform where they can publish their work. You never know. You can probably catch a freelancer at the right moment.       

4|Copy agencies

Over the years, advertising and marketing companies have begun to focus on one specific problem: lack of content. If you do not want to go through the hassles of hiring a content writer, tracking the writer’s time, and making sure the deliverables are up to par, then going through an agency that focuses on content production might be a wise move.

You can take a look at ClearVoice, a company that develops content creation and strategy for businesses and personal brands. Workless is another good option. They combine copywriting with conversion support.  

Picking the right agency very well depends on what you want and what exactly they offer. 

These Copy companies charge more than the average freelancer, so you want to be sure of the pros and cons of enjoying the extra luxury they offer before committing.


If your network consists of other content-focused business owners, you probably have in your network someone who has a connection to an experienced copywriter. Ask for suggestions from your network if what you seek is a little more specific to your brand. It also gives you a glimpse of the writer’s current work style. Does this person prefer to talk about work via email or over the phone? Does this person fit well with your overall mission? How does this person react to your last-minute asks?  

Being introduced to a freelancer by someone you trust can help you build your new working relationship with confidence instead of going blind.


We are not leaving you without saying this when you finally find a copywriter who is a good match for your brand, start imagining him or her as part of your business. Ask to see samples of their work if you have not seen one. Check if their writing style matches your brand tone. If it does not, you might want to ask if they can harmonize the writing style with the brand tone and ask for samples.

Before commencing work, it is important to communicate expectations. You do not want to put your project on a standstill mid-way through while trying to renegotiate expectations.