Increase your business reach by 70% through Konveyo. You dont need to worry about courier services and high delivery charges anymore. People within your community are willing to deliver to your Customers request at Cheap and affordable rate.

No Commission for 30 days

Make money online as a freelancer

Increase your reach and Sales

By using Konveyo as a delivery medium, you will increase sales and revenue to to fast and reliable delivery to customers.

Connect with clients as a freelancer

Get In touch with more Customers

Konveyo will take care of your delivery, on time and on budget. Here is how we do it: – Once you request with us anytime, anywhere, a nearby konveyo will take it to your customers.

Fill details for konveyo delivery

Reduce Delivery Cost.

Courier Services are charging you alot of money to get your goods to your customers. Konveyo is here to help you keep your profits by avoiding expensive courier services.

Pick whatever you are comfortable with, you have Options.

Call on Konveyo Delivery

A regular Konveyo can be a relative, friend or stranger trying to make extra money to support the family.  Through the App, request for a konveyo to help you with Low cost delivery to your Customer. 

Dont forget to Negotiate with Konveyo before sending sending a payment request. You can also pay cash at Pick up point.

Anywhere. Anytime

Wherever you are, whatever you need, just ask a konveyo to get it fot you. 

Update your inventory through Konveyo coming Home

Sometimes, you need certain aspect of your product that is not available in your community or country. Use the konveyo App to check travelers coming your way to bring your product to you at cheaper rate.

Konveyo delivery by traveler

Track your package real Time

Through our in-built tracking facility, you will be able to have real time update on location of package. You are with us at every step all through the journey.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Meet your Customer’s expectation through fast and reliable delivery. This will help you retain customer’s loyalty.

Insured Package

Konveyo is working to Insure every package sent to Cusotmers. This service is coming soon. You will be able to Insure for a little price $0.6 for every $100 of package Value.

Low Cost

Unlike courier services with fixed rates, Konveyo Platform gives you the opportunity to negotiate with konveyo before sending your parcel.