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Own Your time.
Be Free.
Be your own Boss.


Konveyo is a platform that connects travellers and daily commuters to packages and parcel heading their way.

 It is the smartest way to make money while moving around. By delivering packages heading your way, you dont just make money, you get to help reduce the impact of global warming by reducing carbon footprint.

Konveyo is all about building communities, connecting strangers and empowering people to own their time, lives and support family. We strongly believe that every person moving from Point A to B is a messenger that can carry a message with him/her. The beauty of becoming a Konveyo is the fact that you can choose where to work, when to work and How long you will like to work for the day.

Don’t Just move around within your community, move around as a Konveyo.



Make Extra Money As you move around

Make money online with konveyo

Do you move around frequently? seeking for ways to make extra money to support yourself and the family? Deliver parcels within your community and out of state when you are traveling to earn extra cash.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Konveyo Delivery

   By delivering a parcel  heading your way, you get to reduce the carbon footprint. More than 50 billion metric Ton of CO2 can be found in the atmosphere. This led to increase in global warming that has destroyed our environment.

Own your time & Life

Choose konveyo delivery time

Owning a business that you can all your own is thing of joy. Waking up at your own time, making your own decisions brings joy.

Schedule Trips and find Travelers

Find a konveyo

Travelers can schedule future travels to let senders know ahead of time, they can be easily spotted via the platform (scheduled delivery)

Low Cost Delivery

Make money online with konveyo

Konveyo provides you with the opprotunity to negotiate price. No more expensive delivery cost from big companies. Anybody moving from point A to B can deliver anything


               Requirements                                                                                                                                             How to sign up

  • Social Security Number (USA)                                                                                                  -Register to become a Konveyo.                                                  
  • National Indenity Number (Nigeria and Others)                                                                    -Submit Driver license and otherrequirements.
  • Driving License                                                                                                                           -Wait for Approval 
  • Vehicle License                                                                                                                           -Become A Konveyo
  • Security and Background Check 

How to Send a package

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Frequently asked questions

Milions of people move from Point A to B daily. Be it a traveler, daily Commuter within the community, you can deliver a parcel heading your way and make extra money while doing that. Also, you reduce carbon footprint by delivering parcels heading your way.

Konveyo provides you the opportunity to make extra money daily. Aside Money, Your freedom is very important. Choose when to work, Where  and when to work at your convinence.  it can be part time gig or full time gig.

After registering a Konveyo, Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you are qualified to become a Konveyo. When that is completed, you will be given access to the platfom.

You dont need to have a car to become a konveyo. As long as you are moving from point A to B, you can deliver parcel and packages heading your way. With Konveyo, you get to negotiate your price with Parcel senders.

As a konveyo, you help reduce carbon footprint by delivering parcels heading your way.

No, to become a Konveyo, You need valid vehicle license, driver license if you are using a vehicle. If you are a regular traveller through airplanes, your identity is required to ensure safety and protection for both sender and Traveller.

To start making money as a Konveyo, all you need is a smartphone. Download the Konveyo app from playstore or Apple store depending on the type of phone you are using.