Empowering people while protecting the environment.

Konveyo is a two-sided marketplace that connects senders of parcels and packages to daily commuters and travelers heading the same destination as the parcel. Konveyo uses advanced technology to match travelers and daily commuters to parcels.

Konveyo is trying to solve multi-dimensional problems related to carbon emission, optimization of human mobility, creating jobs and helping family and friends make more money.

Our ultimate goal is to optimize human mobility, build a community where daily commuters become friends with locals while we try to reduce the impact of carbon emission on the environment.

Benefits of becoming a Konveyo

Konveyo will make logistics and delivery market cheaper, fast and convenient by removing middle ground companies such as DHL, FEDEX from the picture and giving every human the opportunity to own a mini delivery business. Konveyo empowers daily commuters to negotiate with senders of parcels and packages

As more Travelers and Daily commuters join our platform, senders will be multiple options to choose from, this will create an optimized platform, reduce price, create Jobs and carbon Emission.

Through our platform, using advanced technology, we are trying to solve multiple problems related to human mobility and carbon footprint. There are millions of cars moving daily from Point A to B, Thousands of passenger planes flying every day, our goal is make every person a conveyor of message heading to the same destination.

We strongly believe that logistics should be decentralize, this will reduce price and also improve the speed of delivery if we humans optimize human mobility.