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9 Factors For Choosing the Best Shipping Company

If you run an eCommerce business, you probably know choosing a shipping company is an important decision that can make or break your business. The truth is, it is almost impossible to gain customers’ trust without an effective shipping solution. And so it is with scaling your e-commerce business.   

So before you head-on to pick your shipping company, find the answers to these questions:

What makes for a quality shipping company?

The ideal shipping company should allow you to ship both affordably and reliably anywhere in the world. But that’s not all that makes a quality shipping company. The best shipping companies go beyond offering affordable shipping by enabling easy yet key integrations that enhance your customer experience while streamlining operations.  

How do you find reliable, affordable shipping companies? 

It is important to research with an eye for the nine factors discussed in this article. These factors are the 9 must-haves for your best shipping company.

Now let’s get down to them. 

Choosing the Best Shipping Company

  1.  Cost Savings

Like it or not cost comes first. Now your best shipping company allows you to not only reduce shipping costs but pass the savings to customers. Great, right? 

If you are wondering why this should be your business, here is the reason. Consumers now highly favour cut-rate shipping options. Research from PayPay found that 43% of consumers abandoned a shopping cart due to high shipping costs.

To be honest, you can only offer affordable shipping when you have a partner that offers competitive rates. 

So when picking your ideal partner, look at the pricing model. Do they require you to sign a contract for a minimum volume? Or Do you subscribe monthly or annually? Are there any hidden fees for stuff like pickups, fuel, weekend delivery, or package handling?

Fee-driven shipping solutions? Runaway and fast too. These costs can quickly add up undercutting your margins.  Your shipping volumes vary from month to month, so it’s only fair to pay only for what you use.

If that sounds right to you, take advantage of Konveyo’s ridiculously cheap shipping fees. Konveyo can offer cheap shipping, unlike your regular shipping companies by utilizing the free spaces in vehicles heading in the same direction as your packages. No contracts and volume commitments. You simply pay for what you use. 

  1. Traditional Courier vs on-the-way Courier

If you are loyal to proven couriers such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That said, using an on-the-way Courier shipping solution offers two clear advantages: more competitive rates and same-day deliveries.  

For example, let’s say you are a UPS loyalist and needs to ship to a region where UPS has less coverage than, say, DHL. Well, chances are you might have to overpay especially when you don’t meet certain volume thresholds. Negotiating cheaper rates when using these couriers can be difficult. There might also be delays resulting from these negotiations.

By contrast, Konveyo’s geographic radius is unbounded. This means you can utilize our ever-dynamic fleet to achieve same-day and next-day delivery. Your items will get to their destination within the delivery time once your delivery is matched.

This way, you also lessen the chances for reputation-damaging delays in the last mile, as there’s always a partner on standby.

same-day delivery for ecommerce stores
Konveyo’s ever-dynamic fleet can help you achieve same-day delivery
  1. Number of Shipping Options

Online shoppers, in most cases, have their shipping priorities. But this should not be a problem for your business when you have access to a greater courier network. You can provide every customer with a unique experience. 

If you want to improve your brand experience, allow your customers to personalize their delivery cost, time, and perks. Having access to a network of couriers at the go enables you to ensure your packages arrive safely and promptly. 

Let’s say Khalid in LA wants two-day shipping and is willing to pay for it. While Harry in DC is happy with standard shipping because it saves money. Christie in Baltimore needs same-day shipping since she leaves for vacation in two days and wants delivery tracking and insurance.

More courier partners mean more choices for shoppers, more savings for you, and fewer delays for everyone. It’s a win-win-win.

  1. Delivery Tracking

More than 4 in 5 (83%) of shoppers expect regular updates about their order, according to Narvar. With this in mind, order tracking capabilities is a must-have for a shipping company. 

The best shipping companies always list their order tracking capabilities together with the shipping services they offer. You can share real-time tracking details about package status and location with shoppers. This is a rare feature only available with the best shipping companies. 

  1. Label Generation and Printing

Do you still Manually prepare shipping documents? You’ll agree that is a laborious and error-prone process. Imagine how nice it will be if your shipping company allowed you to generate key shipping documents in seconds.

Konveyo gives you access to the tools you need to generate shipping labels and customs declarations. 

  1. International Shipping Capabilities

My guess is with the massive growth of eCommerce, you probably want to expand your business beyond international borders, if you haven’t already. You know what? Worldwide retail eCommerce sales have been projected to grow by 53.9% by 2023.

Shopping online has become one of the most popular activities in the world.  As a result, the shipping company you choose must excel in worldwide shipping and fulfilment.  

International shipping enables you to reach a wider audience to grow your business.  With this in mind,  ensure the Shipping Partner you pick services the international markets you are targeting. 

Also, evaluate the track record of the companies about cross-border shipping.  Are they reliable? It is useless to choose a shipping company with international coverage, but rather a blow-par service.  

  1. Attentive Customer Service

Your day-to-day experience with shipping solutions is crucial.  Plus, your customers expect reliable deliveries.  The ideal shipping company will offer the best support to put you at ease and to ensure a rewarding customer experience.  

Imagine losing one of your packages on the way to Amsterdam. That’s a problem.  But here’s the annoying part: Your shipping company has been mute to your email, and the customer is furious.   

This scenario exemplifies why immediate and inclusive customer service is critical to a successful shipping partnership.  Every package you ship puts your reputation and accordingly your growth potential at stake.  

Recognizing your immediate support needs the best shipping solutions to offer a variety of customer service options, such as: 

  • Live chat 
  • Phone support 
  • Email 
  • Social media 

Verify the shipping company’s dependability before signing up to avoid needless headaches.

  1. Third Parties (3PLs) &. Warehouses

Shipping becomes cheaper and easier when you have fulfilment outposts scattered around the world. Let’s say you are sending a package to Italy.  One shipping company has a warehouse in Venice, while the other has warehouses in Venice, Rome, Naples, and Milan.  

The partner with multiple warehouses offers the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable shipping because they have multiple filling positions. This cut cost for the last mile plus reduces the delivery window.  

Konveyo offers global Fulfillment to help you reduce logistics costs, condense delivery schedules, and thrill your buyers.

  1. Webstore Checkout Functionality

Does Shipping Partner offer live shipping rates during checkout?  This is a critical feature that automatically displays default shipping prices to customers based on product features such as category, weight, dimensions, and shipment destination.  

As you well know, customers want increasingly flexible and profitable shipping options.  Live rates at the checkout allow people to decide how they receive their packages.  This simple built-in feature helps increase conversion rates, reduce cart churn, ensure successful deliveries, and Increase customer loyalty.

How to Pick The Best Shipping Company.

how to pic the best shipping company


Choosing the best shipping company affects your business efficiency, customer experience, and growth potential.  This makes finding a reliable and streamlined shipping solution a crucial step in optimizing your e-commerce business. 

When considering your options, look for features and services that simplify your workflow and save time and money. The right technology is available. It is up to you to decide what is best for your business.


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