4 Basic Benefits of Environmental Protection

4 Basic Benefits of Environmental Protection

Environmnental Protection
Many of the earth’s resources are vulnerable because of human impacts across different countries. Pressures arising from overconsumption, population growth, and technology led to the degradation of the biophysical environment and made the planet vulnerable to environmental hazards. Therefore, our collective responsibility is to take care of our natural and physical environment to make the earth a better and safer place.
Most times, we see environmental protection as the government’s role, legislation, and law enforcement. However, it is encompassing. It is the responsibility of all of us!
Environmental protection is essential to shield the destruction of the ecosystem caused by a myriad of anthropogenic activities. What are these Anthropogenic activities?
Anthropogenic activities increase atmospheric pollutants concentrations, especially atmospheric CO2 and tropospheric O3, that have significant roles in the ecosystem’s functioning. These Anthropogenic activities are detrimental and pose economic, social, health, and adverse environmental effects.

So, what is environmental protection?

Environmental protection is protecting the natural and physical environment by individuals, governments, organizations, and institutions. Its goals are to preserve natural resources and the current natural environment and, where possible, to repair damages.
The United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development plan responded to the current environmental issues faced globally. In 2015, The United Nations plan was to put specific measures to actualize a fairer world, more prosperous and respectful of the environment.
Also, institutions, governments, non-governmental organizations, and companies have aligned with the United Nations’ call for action to achieve the goal. Companies such as Konveyo developed their companies’ objectives to protect the environment against carbon monoxide adverse effects. Konveyo is a privately owned company that aims to empower people while protecting the environment.
This article aims to raise awareness of the value and benefits of environmental protection and ensure that the environment has its due place in our minds. Its specific objectives are to improve understanding of the benefits of enhanced environmental protection globally.

Why is Environmental Protection Important?

Here are some reasons why we should advocate for Environmental Protection:

  • Environmental Protection helps to protect the ecosystem
  • Control the degradation of land, water, vegetation, and air
  • It preserves nature and its features
  • Improve conditions and productivity of degraded areas
  • It maintains earth balance
  • It reduces the occurrence of soil erosion
  • It slows down global warming
  • It provides a source of groundwater
  • It prevents noise pollution
  • It increases tourism
  • Benefits of environmental Protection

Environmental protection benefits examine society’s potential positive outcomes due to adopting environmental protection targets and actions to actualize these targets. Such actions are ecological policies, legislation, and investments undertaken by the government, industry, or other stakeholders to achieve environmental protection.
Here is a list of four (4) broad benefits of environmental protection:

4 Common Benefits of Environmental Protection

  1. Health Benefits
  2. Economic Benefits
  3. Environmental Benefits
  4. Social Benefit

1- Health Benefit

Health Benefits
The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 90% of humanity breathes polluted. It calls for a reduction in air pollution to cut the rates of respiratory deaths. Similarly, Oxfam intermon noted that contaminated water causes significant health problems and about 5million deaths a year. The United Nations (UN) advocates eliminating dumping wastes, minimizing the use of chemicals, among other measures to ensure a protected environment.
Given the strategic importance of health and the adverse effect pollution has on health, environmental protection is critical.
Health benefits of environmental protection are; decrease in the cases of illness and avoidance of premature mortality from air pollution, global warming, smog, and wildfires. Environmental protection reduces respiratory and cardio-pulmonary diseases associated with infected air quality.

2- Economic Benefit

Economic Benefit
There is a positive relationship between economy and environment. The environment provides resources to the economy and acts as a suck for emission and wastes. In turn, low environmental protection affects economic growth and well-being by lowering the quality of physical and natural resources.
According to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, cutting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is vital for economic growth. He stated that Indonesia’s poverty rate declined from 19.4% in 2000 to 11.3% in 2013 due to environmental protection by reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG).
Some of the specific economic benefits are:

  • Ecoefficiency gain
  • Avoided cost of hospitalization from health complications
  • Development of new and existing industries
  • Balance of payments as a result of result imports; more wastes are recycled and reused
  • Increase employment through environmental investment
  • Reduce government expenditures on health subsidies

3- Environmental Benefit

Environmental Benefit
Have you experienced improved environmental conditions as a result of living close to an open space? How does it feel? Great, I guess!
Environmental benefits are difficult to quantify and may not receive as much consideration as those which are easily quantifiable. Nevertheless, Its impact cannot be overemphasized.
Environmental protection has a significant impact on our environment. Some of its benefits are, improved water, quality air, increases in biodiversity and habitat conservation, and reduction in Greenhouse Gases (GHS)

4- Social Benefit

Social Benefits
The social benefits of environmental protection range from the water sector, wastes sector, renewable energy, forest, agriculture, and the ecosystem in general. In the water sector, enhance environmental protection is significant to improved drinking water quality, household sewage connection, and improved hygiene practices.
Also, Governmental targets and actions bring a direct benefit to natural assets. For instance, if the government’s target action is to treat all urban wastewater, this would result in environmental benefits such as improved water quality and avoidance of eutrophication, which can lead to biodiversity loss.