12 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling

12 ways to make money while traveling
12 ways to make money while traveling

Traveling is beyond making you feel like an adventurer, allowing you to try some great food, mounting your horizon, or creating a long-time memory. It goes beyond all of that.

Lately, my friend, a frequent traveler asked me these questions;

“Are there jobs that would pay me while traveling’’?

“How can I travel and make money’’?

I’m sure you’re reading this because you need answers to those questions too. Perhaps, you must have heard about this myth, that traveling is an expensive hobby. On the contrary, I will modify it to, traveling is a moneymaking adventure.

We all enjoy traveling! But the frequent worry most times is about affordability or probably making more money to stay away longer than we planned and having fewer budget-related headaches.

In this article, I will share with you 12 easy ways to make money (both online and otherwise) while traveling, and how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

12 easy ways to make money while traveling:

  1. Sales
  2. Delivery
  3. Freelancing
  4. Hair Styling
  5. Tourist Guide
  6. Part-time Jobs
  7. Travel Writing
  8. Talent Exhibition
  9. Chauffeur Service
  10. Product Marketing
  11. Language Translation
  12. Foreign Language Tutorials

How to make money while traveling:


Did you know, you can earn money by transporting packages and parcels heading to your destination?

Oh, yes! You can make money transporting packages, parcels, and other items heading to your destination. This can be done by partnering with multiple logistics companies that hire and pay independent travel agents for their delivery services.

I would recommend Konveyo as a perfect example of such logistics companies. Konveyo is a digital platform for travelers, it connects commuters to packages and parcels heading the same way as their destination. Konveyo gives every registered member on the platform an opportunity to own a mini-delivery business and earn money. If you want to travel, consider signing-up as a Konveyo agent, and get paid while traveling.


Freelancing is a lucrative online job that offers you the opportunity to render your skills and services to clients and get paid remotely.

Freelancing is utilizing a freelance site like Fiverr, Odesk, Konveyo, to earn money. At these freelance sites, you can offer your skills, talents, and services for clients remotely and get lucrative income. Some well-paid freelancing jobs for travelers are web design, freelance writing, web development, freelance blogger, business coaching, and blog posting.

According to Upwork, 11 percent of the working adult population in the United States work full time as freelancers. Also, freelancers represent about 33 percent of the global workforce. Interestingly, freelancing has a total workforce of about 3.5 billion and about 1.1 billion freelancers around the world. This means more Jobs for travelers!

So, looking at the increasing growth of freelancing over the years and other important statistics to understand the full scope of this huge sector, travelers should take advantage of the freelancing platform to provide needed skills and services that are needed by clients. This is a comfortable job to do and earn money while traveling.

product marketing
product marketing

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report, there are 1.4 billion travelers per year. This implies a huge market for products!

You can target fellow travelers’ needs by marketing products that are in high demand. Also, if you are artistic and you make some crafts, this is a massive market to sell your crafts and earn more money while traveling. You could market your products at your hotel, conferences, hostels, airport, railways, etc.

part time jobs
part time jobs

Do you plan on traveling and staying away for a long time, maybe a month, months, or years?

Working part-time is a great way to earn money, gain exposure, and acquire valuable experience while you travel. You may consider being a bartender, tour guide, personal driver, babysitter, or nanny. Thesejobs don’t require much skill, and their demands are timeless. Moreover, these are just options to consider according to location or season of the year.

5- Foreign Language Tutorials

foreign language tutorials
foreign language tutorials

Are you aware that teaching a foreign language is one of the most lucrative business globally?

Perhaps, you heard the popular saying, ”the more you teach, the more you earn’’

According to Eurostat, more than three-fifth of upper high school students learn two or more foreign languages in 2018. Also, CareerBuilder.com’s hiring forecast reports that 39 percent of the United State employers said to give greater consideration to bilingual candidates over other candidates. This shows the importance of learning a new language and equally teaching a foreign language.

Also, The Economist reports that you can make an additional $50,000 to $125,000 for knowing how to speak a foreign language that is recognized by the European Union. Some of these foreign languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Why not take advantage of this huge moneymaking sector and teach people who are interested to learn a foreign language?

6- Talents Exhibition

talent exhibition
talent exhibition

Are you talented?

Can you sing, dance, play instruments, crack some awesome jokes, or anything? Yes, anything. Maybe you haven’t heard about a popular saying that, ”Every skill is marketable and profitable. How to choose your audience is a perfect way to make money. If you are at a location where your talents are highly needed, get ready to smile to the bank!

For instance, you can perform comedy in bars, ceremonies, and other events centers and name your price.

7- Chauffeur Service

chauffeur service
chauffeur service

Are you traveling in your private car?

You probably know that it’s possible to make some extra money by signing-up to logistics companies as a chauffeur and pick up travelers heading to your destination. This is an easy way to make money while traveling. Also, you get to enjoy the company of your fellow travelers’. Awesome Right?

8- Hair Styling

Different hair styling accessories for ladies in colleges
hair styling

Are you talented at making hair for the ladies, or cutting some awesome styles for guys?

If yes, don’t forget to come along with your basic equipment!

Travelers would want a quick shave, hair cuts, or other services that you can offer and get paid.

All you need do is to build a friendly rapport with a chain of hostels around a region. It will be easier to get more clients who would prefer you over others.

tour guide
tour guide

Do you know great places around regions that can entertain people?

Then you should consider partnering with agencies and organizations that hire and pay tourist guides. Also, you could take your hostel mates around to places you’re sure they would have awesome memories of. An enthusiastic tourist wouldn’t mind paying money to have a great and memorable experience. A great way to make money while traveling!

10- Sales


If you enjoy meeting people and also have some great marketing strategies, then I recommend this!

There are countless middlemen jobs you may consider. But before then, you should consider out of your observation what people demand more. After you observed, you can provide goods and services to them and make some cash.

travel writing
travel writing

You can have great fun traveling and make money out of it!

If you’re traveling the world, it is a nice idea to write about your awesome experience. Then you share those writings online and get paid for it. This is a unique idea to make money while traveling.

You could read a book by Loney Planet, titled, ‘’How to be a travel writer’’.


Are you a multilingual person?

Perhaps you should consider doing a foreign language translation. Smartling makes it easier for you to become one!

Do you want to make money traveling? Then, I would recommend you take advantage of this.

Take Away

I believe that this article answers your questions on ways to make money while traveling. Take advantage of these great ways and make more money while you travel and explore more, and meet up your budget effortlessly.

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