make money on your daily commute

Daily commute: 10 creative ways you can make money

In one of our articles, we highlighted creative ways you can make money from the comfort of your couch. Granted, not everyone has that luxury as some of us still have a 9-5 job to contend with. To make matters worse, we have to take the train, a taxi, or drive long distances on a daily commute to and from an already boring job. According to the US Census Bureau, the average American spends 27 minutes commuting to work each day.
If your daily commute has you down, please take heart. This dreaded time does not have to be a wasteful necessity. You can turn it around and use your morning commute to make some money.
Here are a few creative ways to make money on your daily commute before and after that hectic nine-to-five at work.

1. Handle on-demand deliveries.

You can make deliveries for people around your neighborhood who need their packages to be delivered from point A to point B with TaskRabbit.
How does this work?
Before setting out on your daily commute, search the site for delivery tasks that need to be accomplished. If any delivery offer falls along your route, you can pick up, deliver the package and easily make some money while doing so.

Another way to make money on your daily commute is to use the konveyo. The app allows users to schedule deliveries based on where they are already headed.
There are a lot of tasks you can help someone with if you look at them. For example, You can rescue that stuck-at-home new parent with a few running around. Like going to the grocery store, dropping off clothes at the laundry, etc. while making some money.

2. Freelance Writing

If you’re a writer, there is a company or ten more whose corporate blogs need your help. Those lengthy subway rides are a good time to write if you can’t find the time to write as a freelancer. If you drive yourself to work, dictating is the best option since you can’t write.
If you are just starting, you can contact non-profit organizations in your field of expertise or interest, and pitch a few blog posts. Let them know about your willingness to start working for free at first. This can quickly become a paid gig if you stay on it. You might find that this is a good way to capitalize on an otherwise boring part of your day.

3. Give real-time advice while you commute

You can give your unedited, unfiltered opinion to someone who needs it in real-time using Liveadvice. This is an online advice-sharing network that lets users phone you after paying you for advice. The great part is, you can set your rates. The platform is also free and signing up takes less than 2 minutes.
Medical professionals charge up to $1k for a 20-minute session. Imagine earning a quarter per minute. Awesome!
If you are a mum, looking to give some mummy-to-mummy advice, Sign up!

4. Get paid to enjoy music

enjoy music on your daily commute
Enjoy your favorite tunes and get paid to do so while you commute

Did you know you can make money for listening to music online? That’s right, Viggle gives you retail rewards of your choice or hard cash simply for enjoying some good tunes. This is one of those fun “extra” things you can do on your commute. Although small, the rewards will certainly add up over time the more you participate. You can visit many different websites to get paid for listening to music.

5. Give others lifts around.

Uber and Lyft connect people who need a service (a ride) and those willing to offer the service (a car). Both apps allow you to set the destination you’re headed and take on riders going the same direction without abandoning your route. Sign up on any of the platforms and check your daily route to and from the office regularly to see if anyone needs a drive. Offering this service during your daily commute provides a money-making opportunity for you.

6. Commit to your crafts

If you’re crafty, you can seize the free time during your daily commute to make items that can be sold on Etsy. People draw or knit on the subway all the time. If you’re one of them you can monetize your products by selling them on Etsy. You could make a deal or get your commission before your day kicks off.

7. Drop the cost of public transportation

Replacing public transportation with walking or biking to work does not directly make you money. But it does help you save some. Also, with all the extra exercise, you might just be able to cancel your gym membership too. That’s money in the bank!

8. Your car can be a mobile ad

turn youcommte car to an advertisement

Using wrapify, you can get your car wrapped up with temporary advertisements. And get paid somewhere between $200 and 400 dollars per month for the time you spent on the road.

Your friends will probably jeer but guess who’ll be laughing at the bank.

9. Scale your Career

Not everyone fancies a side hustle and that is understandable. You can use your daily commute to achieve a relevant qualification as leverage to get a pay raise. You can also take a course in a completely different field that could be a springboard for a whole new venture.
The time spent driving can be used to listen to podcasts. For example, a financial information podcast will help you make better financial decisions. If a podcast can give you the negotiating tips you need to score a raise, it is a time well invested!

10. Help others with Homework

For some people, helping others with their homework is an attractive side hustle. If that’s you, you could sign up to Ace my Homework. Students post their homework on this platform for writers to bid for the work. The students provide feedback for others to review. If you’re tempted by this commute spinner then go check it out.

The creative ideas outlined in this article can help you enjoy your daily commutes more while making some extra money. At least you get to reduce the reoccurring cost of your commute.
Some of these suggestions might be too extreme for you, and others might not make enough of a dent in your budget to bother with. Find your comfort zone, and pick a combination of these ideas, you’ll be amazed at how much you can make.
Which of these methods will you be using to make money on your commute? Are you already doing a few of them? Let us know in the comments section below