10 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

Sending gifts is a way to show love. It reminds our loved ones of how much they mean to us. Getting a box delivered to your doorstep is exciting. That is true. It is good when the gift is stylishly wrapped. And even better when it is a reusable eco-friendly gift wrapping. What this means is less waste for our planet.

Every holiday season, Americans throw out an estimated 1 million tons of trash per week. A considerable portion of this trash is nonreusable gift wraps. That is a lot of waste if you ask me.

Here at Konveyo, we think sustainability. We want to show you how to save on materials and reduce waste. This way, we can preserve our planet

We have put together a list of eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas you can use while sending presents. The bonus is they save you money and are ways to send gifts.

So here you go! 

1. Wrap Boxes With Newspapers or Brown Paper Bags

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

Wrapping paper is just another paper but a decorated one. Nothing more. Think about this. We use a lot of paper sheets every day. If you save them up, they can be an outstanding resource for holiday wrapping needs. Newspapers can serve this very purpose. 

Another option is paper bags from grocery stores. Cut the bags flat and use the none printed side as a canvas. Jazz up the plain side using crayons, stickers, paint,  or maybe glitter. 

2. Remember your cardboard shipping boxes? Reuse them.

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

Delivery parcels can prove to be one of the best eco-friendly gift wraps alternative for store-bought gift boxes. If you do more online shopping chances are your items will come in a perfect-sized box you can effortlessly wrap. 

If they are looking somewhat old, you can freshen them up. All you need are eco-friendly colors, newspapers, or kraft paper to make boxes look like new.  

Apart from using boxes from shopping, you can make an eco-friendly gift box yourself. You only need the inside of a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Do you get it? Okay good. 

Now the good thing about this gift wrapping idea is that it is easy and quick. You will not even be needing scissors or tape. Fold both ends of the roll, and you are all done. That is it. Then add some eco-friendly decorations like ribbons, pine tree springs, just anything! 

3. Old Clothes? I see Ribbons and Bows.

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

If you have been racking your brain on what to do with your old T-shirts, here is the answer. Upcycle them. Cut them into ribbons and bows. You can either tie them around your boxes for aesthetics or leave the frayed edges for a rustic feel, your choice. Either way, you are getting beautifully made eco-friendly gift wrapping.

4. Reuse those colorful Maps and Calendars

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

Maybe you do not have time to decorate your packages. No problem. Maps and calendars are colorful, large sheets of paper. But calendars become outdated every year. However, they come with beautiful images that make them good eco-friendly gift wrapping. The same goes for old maps gathering dust on the shelf. With google maps, we hardly ever use them. You can upcycle them for use as convenient wrapping for holiday and birthday gifts.

5. Swap Paper for Fabric Gift Wrap

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

Your old fabric can be more than just ribbons and bows. Because it comes in lots of colors, the fabric is a perfect material for wrapping presents. Very much reusable. After opening the gifts, fold and store for next year!

Here is another plus. You don’t even need to box the item beforehand, so fewer holiday wastes. 

6. Biodegradable Paper Tape sounds good? Yeah!

Ditch the single-use plastic tape and choose biodegradable instead. With this eco-friendly paper tape, you can send parcels plastic-free. 

Plastic tapes are subtle sources of holiday waste. 

However, their biodegradable counterparts made from wood fibers, pulp, or bark, and natural adhesives provide better options. You can find a variety of patterns and colors for them. 

7. You can reuse other shipping Supplies

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

If you save other shipping supplies like tissue brown or white packing paper, you’ll have a good supply of eco-friendly gift wraps when the holidays come. Also, tissue paper sheets and reflective bubble wrap from meal delivery services will do great as festive wrappings. 

8. Make Your Stamps from bubble-lined mailers

Eco-Friendly gift wrappings

Small items are mostly shipped in padded envelopes. You can upcycle bubble-lined mailers into stamps. You can cut out holiday shapes like stars or paint the bubbles in different colors to create a polka-dot pattern.

9. Repurpose Old Household Items

There are probably some items lying around your basement that can serve as beautiful eco-friendly gift wrapping. Stuff-like books (not many will agree) you’re probably not going to read in a million years can be repurposed. 

10. Tie Gifts Up With Compostable Twine

Many twines and thin ropes are made from hemp, organic cotton, and other natural fibers. So year after year, they can be repurposed as eco-friendly gift wrapping.

They are not only perfect for wrapping gifts but also good for making your decorations around the home.  

Questions about Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Is wrapping paper recyclable?

Regular wrapping paper is recyclable. However, those that come with non-paper additives such as plastics, colored shapes, glitter, or plastics can not be recycled. Also, discard foil, metallic, and heavily laminated wrapping paper.

Check with your local waste management agency to see specific guidelines for your area.

Is tissue paper recyclable?

Because tissue papers are made with very low-grade paper, it makes them difficult to recycle. Some recycling commanders accept them. You can check with the local racing agency close to you. Thankfully you can save them for reuse as eco-friendly gift wrappings. 

Is brown paper eco-friendly?

Brown paper offers an eco-friendly option. It is a cheaper option and can be decorated yourself.

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